it took this long to realise races other than white, body sizes other than skinny truly are beautiful all on their own. but it’s okay better late than never.

just cleansing my dashboard of all the white supremacists who only reblog skinny white girls w/ blonde hair and blue eyes. bye at ya bitches. my blog will also be changing because i have been born again.

Why can't white people have pride

Black people: *raises fist* Black Power!* cooks* puts on cultural clothing*

Latinos: *Raises flag of individual nation* cooks* puts on cultural clothing*

Asian: people: Raises flag of individual nation* cooks* puts on cultural clothing*

White: White power! *considers every other race inferior*forces other races to give up cultures*spreads disease*commits genocide against a race of people because they're different and have land* Steals said land* kidnaps other race of people* enslaves them* brings them to said land* calls it the land of the free* rape,tortures, experiments, kills enslaved people* frees these people for political and financial reasons* dons white hoods terrorizes these people for over a century* takes pics smiling and having a picnic while these peoples bloody and charred bodies hang from trees* Makes souvenirs of these people body parts well into the 60s*sterilizes and experiments on these people without their consent up until the 70s(hell, probably still going on)* Creates beauty standard that no else can live up to* white washes history so that history begins with white contact and we have to do our own research to find out what really happened*Claims to be the only civilized race*

And that's just scratching the surface of American history. History tells us that y'all just don't know how to have white pride without some kind of craziness ensuing.Why not just have national pride? Y'all know where y'all came from.


if I ever fall into a coma someone please come secretly tweeze my eyebrows so I can make all the nurses hella jealous of my unconscious eyebrow game. 

(via r-iviere)

you know you are pissed off at your parents when you will gladly scroll through your dashboard with them behind you

do you ever attempt to accomplish something as simple as watching a film through til the end but then the internet

my insecurities are so intense i get jealous of pictures of myself

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